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The Reintegrative Therapy Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization which promotes the highest standards of excellence and integrity in Reintegrative Therapy®. The Association’s mission is to educate the public and train professional therapists about this important form of therapy, which is a specific combination of established, evidence-based treatment interventions. 

The Reintegrative Therapy Association believes that its clients deserve the same rights and freedoms as anyone else: to have a therapist who understands, respects, and supports them in their journey. 

This sometimes means providing support for men with unwanted same-sex sexual attractions. The Reintegrative Therapy Association also makes donations to promote the public welfare through scientific advancement and educational outreach. 

Reintegrative Therapy® is entirely separate from so-called "conversion therapy"

Reintegrative Therapy® uses established, evidence-based interventions, the same interventions used by other clinics throughout the world to treat trauma and addiction. As these dynamics are resolved, the client's sexuality can sometimes change on its own. Reintegrative Therapy® uses the same approach, regardless of the client's sexual orientation or gender. For example, a female client with binge eating disorder and male client with sexually compulsive behaviors receive the same treatment protocols.

In contrast, "Conversion therapy" is a general term to describe attempts to increase heterosexual attraction and decrease unwanted homosexuality with the help of a (usually unlicensed) therapist. Opponents of such therapy say it involves aversion techniques (shame, pain or coercion) in order to effect change in the client. Long-term disadvantages of aversion treatments tend to be that they are ineffectual, and possibly harmful. Although most conversion therapists do not use aversive techniques, still, there are no specific training guidelines, governing organizations, or educational requirements for a professional to call himself a "conversion therapist." 

In contrast, only professional mental health providers who are trained by the Reintegrative Therapy Association may provide this treatment. Therapy goals are always defined by the client and agreed upon by the client and the therapist together, with full respect for client self-determination.




Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr.,
Founder and Clinical Director

Ph.D., 2009, Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Nicolosi, Jr. is the founder of the Reintegrative Therapy Association. A licensed clinical psychologist,  he is the clinical director of the for-profit organization, The Breakthrough Clinic, which focuses on addiction disorders through the use of treatments that are faster, more gentle and more effective than most conventional treatments.